Human sexuality is such a deep part of each of our lives that we tread carefully when we explore how Jesus wants us to live as sexual beings.

We believe God loves each and everyone of us, that he created us and affirms our humanity.

We also believe that humanity get things wrong, and as disciples of Jesus we are called to follow His way, as the best way.

The resources below have been compiled by Rev Dan who has his own story and experience, and these are some of the best resources he has found helpful in his own study and wrestles with this subject.

Everything here is offered, and as always, if you would like to explore, question, or comment on any of these then please do reach out to Dan and the clergy team.

Resources in light of the Bishops proposals to synod February 2023

Rev Dan's sermon (20.11.22)

Book Resources

People to be loved – Preston Sprinkle (Dan’s TOP pick)

An easy to read book which walks through the main 6 passages relating to homosexuality with much exploration of the historical context, challenge of these texts and how they relate to the wider ancient world.

A War of Loves – David Bennett

For anyone who experiences same-sex attraction or wants to gain an understanding of the challenges of living with same-sex attraction To hear the story of a former Gay Activist who found Jesus

Live No Lies – John Mark Comer

A book equipping us to combat the lies of the enemy in today’s world with a fresh biblical articulation exploring ‘the devil’, ‘the flesh’ and ‘the world’.

A Better Story – Glynn Harrison

To understand the road map to where we are and we got to such a free sexual ethic in our society

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Web resources

Living Out Website –

A website of stories and resources for anyone experiencing or wanting to understand living biblically faithfully gay and lesbian Christians.


Listen to Andrew’s story below

Church of England Evangelical Council –

‘Bringing evangelicals in the Church of England together for the sake of the gospel.’

CEEC are helping bible believeing christians navigate the way ahead in the Church of England.

Packed full of resources, check out their really helpful videos.


And do sign up to their e-bulletin to be kept in formed particularly over the next year –


Their key video on sexuality is below

Living in Love and Faith –

The Church of England’s hub of resources explores the breadth of the debate around Christian marriage, relationships and sexuality.